Stronger Families, Safer Community

The FAC provides over 6000 individual and over 4000 group counseling appointments each year.

Counseling for all ages 




Play Therapy for children (3 - 11 yrs)​

Art Therapy

Family Violence Counseling

Crisis Intervention

Information and Assistance

Resources and Referrals

Family Relationship Enhancement Groups

Free to Irving residents and victims of crime for ages 3 and over.

Assessment, psychotherapy, education classes.

Issues we can help with include:


  • Stressed parent

  • Need new ways to manage the home

  • Relationship concerns

  • Freeling frustrated and angry

  • Need guidance on staying safe

  • Having trouble controlling emotions


  • Confused

  • Feeling Alone

  • Having trouble at school or with friends

  • Engaging in harmful behaviors


  • Acting Out

  • Engaging in regressive behaviors

  • Trouble playing with others

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