Counseling Services

We provide free counseling to those who live, work or attend school in Irving, including victims of crime who are ages 3 or older.

Our services include: assessment; individual, family, couples and group psychotherapy; play therapy for children ages 3-11; art therapy for children and adults; and educational classes for individuals, families, couples and groups. 

Some of the issues we address include: anxiety and depression; anger management; isolation; suicidal ideation or self-harming behaviors; marital or relationship instability; difficulty in school, at home, at work or in the community; acting out or regressive behaviors in children

Victims' Services

Research has proven that a coordinated response to domestic violence, child abuse and other violent crimes is the most effective way to provide support to victims and their families. Our goal is to reduce the negative effects of trauma experienced as a result of violent crime. 

Our services include: crisis counseling; victims' rights information; safety planning; Protective Order information; assistance with the criminal justice process; assistance with Crime Victims' Compensation; court accompaniment; and advocacy. 

We have investigators, counselors, CPS workers and representatives from the Dallas County District Attorney's office on-site to assist clients in crisis. 

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