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If you’re a victim of violent crime, domestic violence, or child abuse, you need support and understanding from others. Learn more about how we can help.

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Being a victim of a crime is never an easy thing to recover from. It can take months to feel safe again or feel like you are in control of your emotions. We know that everyone processes differently and we are dedicated to serving you in the best way possible to bring you healing.

We offer counseling, legal services, and support all in one building to make your process as easy as possible.

Contact us today and get started on taking your first step towards healing and recovery.

A different approach

We believe that hope for healing starts with compassion, care, and support in an easy-to-access, safe location.

From counseling to victim’s services, what you need is located in one place, here at the Irving Family Advocacy Center. Learn more about how we work and what makes us different.

One point of contact

You have one point of contact, your Advocate if you are a victim of a violent crime or your Counselor if you are here for counseling services, who can make sure you have access to what you need.

Family-friendly environment

We know that life events impact the entire family. Serving children starting at age three, we offer colorful, comforting, and fun rooms that are appropriate for all ages.

When appropriate, we utilize therapy dogs, play, art, and other ways to help healing. Your counselor can work with you to explore these different approaches.

Private and safe services

We are only able to help because of our dedication to the safety and privacy of every person who comes through our doors.

Your safety is always our top priority and work hard to earn your trust.

Help every step

You won't have to wander the halls, trying to figure out where to go and what to do. From healing to meetings with the police, our Advocates ensure you have the support you need to take your next step.

What we help with

We’ve listed below some of the reasons people visit us, but this list isn’t comprehensive. If you are struggling and don’t know how to overcome your problem, we can help!

Help after a crime

When you're a victim of a crime, such as abuse, rape, or domestic violence, you need a safe place to understand what happened and how you can begin to heal. Our trauma-informed team of counselors can help.

Anxiety & depression

More than just having a bad day, it's feeling sad, nervous, or scared for many days. When you don't want to do things you once enjoyed, are easily frustrated, are sleeping too much or too little, we can help.

Feelings of anger

Anger is a powerful emotion that is necessary, but can easily get out of control, hurting those you love most. Learn how to express anger in a healthy way, staying in control of your emotions.

Feeling isolated or alone

A healthy and happy life needs other people. Relationships with people we care about and who care about us are so important. Unfortunately, people today feel more rejected, alienated, and inadequate than ever. We can help give you the tools to rebuild your community.

Self-harming behaviors

Self-harm is when someone intentionally hurts themself, most often by cutting their skin. It's most often a sign of intense anxiety or distress. We can help you learn healthy ways to process your emotions.

Suicidal thoughts

Thoughts about ending your life may be temporary, or they may stay a long time. But no matter the cause, there are people here who care about and can help you. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Problems at school

Sudden changes in behavior, struggles to play with friends, or difficulties with learning may be your child's way of showing that something is wrong. We can work with you to help identify and heal the root cause of school problems.

Marriage or relationship problems

Family, spouses, or loved ones are the root of our lives. When something goes wrong, it can hurt us and our loved ones deeply. We work with individuals and families to help pave a path for healing and reconciliation.

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