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Families are the bedrock of our community. It’s why we believe that those impacted by violent crimes or who need counseling can’t heal alone.
They need hope, and people to support them on their journey.

What educational services we provide

Real change can only happen if you know how to make it happen. Through our Educational Services, we strive to bring healthy, healing change to you, your family, and your community.

Healthy Relationships

Boundaries, red flags in relationships, the power and control wheel, different types of abuse, and communication.

Child Abuse

Warning signs, statistics, the grooming process, information about perpetrators and how they gain access, symptoms that clients experience after being a victim of child abuse, and how you can help.

Navigating the Justice System

Education on resources such as Crime Victims compensation, U-Visa, protective orders, the court process, etc.


Communication with children and teens, setting boundaries, discipline, relationship building.


Working together with a blended family.

Understanding and Working with Teenagers

Communication with teens, parents and families to bring a healthy and whole relationship to the household.

Play Therapy

Therapy aimed to appeal to a child's nature by exploring and harnessing it to meet their developmental needs now and in the future.

Trauma Informed Care Practices

Promoting a culture of safety, empowerment and self discipline.

Self-Care for Employees

How to take deliberate steps to promote a healthy workplace, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Trauma Treatment and Interventions

Understanding how trauma affects individuals and the steps you can take to support them on a path of healing.

Family Therapy

Working with families and couples to nurture change and development in relationships and within the home.

Career options in the mental health world

Education on what opportunities are available and how to help others within the field.

Assessing for self-harming or suicidal individuals

Intervening and safety planning for individuals having or experiencing suicidal thoughts, actions, or emotions.

Families in Crisis

Intervention or immediate action for families suffering a crisis, both physically and mentally.

"It was eye-opening for our entire company to hear first-hand the work IFAC is doing. Everyone left impacted, inspired on how our company can make a difference."

Frequently asked questions

Both Victim Services staff and Counseling staff educate on a number of topics. Depending on the purpose of the training, both departments participate in preparing and presenting. 

We can present to others in the mental health field, schools, churches, businesses, and other first responder programs, as well as anyone in the community that has a need to learn more about our agency or the clients we serve here.

All inquiries can be sent to or

  • Healthy Relationships (boundaries, red flags in relationships, cycle of abuse, communication, teen dating, etc.)
  • Child Abuse (warning signs, statistics, grooming process, symptoms that victims might be experiencing, supporting families, reporting crimes against children)
  • Resources in the community
  • Navigating the Justice System 
  • Parenting 
  • Understanding and Working with Teenagers 
  • Play Therapy 
  • Trauma- Informed Care Practices 
  • Self-care for Employees 
  • Family Therapy 
  • Career options for the Mental Health Field 
  • Crisis Management (Assessing for suicidal clients/self-harming/safety planning) 

Community partners

Irving Family Advocacy Center is able to impact hundreds of families a year because of the dedication of our staff, the Police Department, and community members like you. Meet our community partners >