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Irving Family Advocacy Center offers everything victims need in one place, helping to alleviate the stress and confusion of the legal system. 


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The legal system can be overwhelming, but we can help you navigate it

After a violent crime, there are many steps to take legally to protect you and your loved ones. This can feel overwhelming, especially when you are already under physical and emotional stress. 

We’re committed to walking you through this process from start to finish. Our on-site team will clearly and efficiently explain all of your options and help you decide the best way to move forward and heal in the safest way possible. 

How it works

Dedicated advocates are a primary point of contact for victims.

After making a police report, we want to ensure that victims are able to stay involved in the criminal justice process. There are so many people involved and it can be hard to know who to ask for help. Every victim of violent crime is given a dedicated advocate to provide information and resources and be a primary point of contact to update on case status and liaison with the investigators. Our advocates also make sure that all of the rights afforded to crime victims are realized.

Meet the groups committed to you

Navigating the justice system and you and your families healing can be a lot. That’s why we work together to make everything you’re doing as easy as possible.

All the services you need are located here at the Irving Family Advocacy Center, so you don’t have to drive to different places. You have one point of contact, your Advocate, who can make sure you have access to what you need.

Victim Advocates

Our dedicated staff assists individuals who have been impacted by violent crime. This team is available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have in the weeks following victimization.

Irving Police Investigators

Investigators work with families to resolve crimes. They assist victims in identifying and accessing safety tools and seeking to reduce violent crime.


Trained, caring, counselors provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals, families, and groups to receive support and healing.

Child Protective Services (CPS) Workers

CPS provides intervention and support to children who are at risk for abuse or neglect. They connect families to parenting education, therapy services, chemical dependency programs, community referrals, and in-home case management.

Dallas County District Attorney Representatives

Our collaboration with the DA's office helps to expedite access to protective orders. Staff from the DA's office are available to screen individuals interested in obtaining a protective order and start the process through the court system.

"After my mom was attacked, the police officer sent me to the Center to figure out what to do next. The people there were so nice and they made everything else so much easier."

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